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Banana Split

Chocolate Sundae

Java Chip

Peanut Butter Cup

Strawberry Shortcake

Cookies & Cream

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Mango Candy

Blue Raspberry

Tropical Punch

Vanilla Iced Coffee

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This special bundle is tailored for anyone looking to shed weight and stay fit during the festive season. It's a limited-time offer that brings together our best supplements and gear to support your fitness goals.

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Clean Plant Protein

Essential CLEAN 25gms of protein in each serving for muscle repair and growth

Sourced from high-quality, vegan ingredients.

Enjoy in various flavors that mix perfectly with no gritty texture.

Formulated for easy digestion, avoiding the bloat common in other proteins.

Clean Preworkout

Experience a clean, sustained energy boost without the jitters, thanks to natural caffeine sources.

Fortified with creatine for improved workout performance and cognitive function.

Not only is our pre-workout effective, but it also comes in delicious flavors that make your fitness routine a treat.

Holiday shred guide

Designed for efficient fat loss to keep you lean over the holidays.

Enjoy the festivities without guilt with our balanced meal strategies.

Daily inspiration to maintain your fitness focus amidst the holiday cheer.

Clean Creatine

Supports muscle growth and power for more effective workouts.

Enhances performance and speeds up recovery times.

Micronized formula ensures fast absorption into your system.

Xeela Fitness Accessories

1 Bottle of XEELA Liquid Chalk

A XEELA Black Hat

An EXCLUSIVE to the bundle XEELA Black Bottle

An EXCLUSIVE to the bundle pair of wrist straps

Your trust in our ingredients is our top priority.

A message from our Chief Formulation Officer at Xeela Fitness

Only hand-picked, high-quality ingredients make it into our supplements.

Produced in a certified CGMP facility in sunny California, adhering to the highest manufacturing standards.

Rigorously tested by the Banned Substance Control Group, ensuring every batch is free from heavy metals and contaminants.