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25gms of highest bioavailable protein in each serving

Fine and extremely smooth texture

No added artificial flavourings and chemicals

Heavenly tasting flavours

Keeps you Fuller and not Bloated

Choose your flavour:


($2.49 per serving)

Lactose Free

Gluten Free

100% Vegan

Made in USA

SMOOTH on tongue. FLAVOURFUL in taste. LIGHT on stomach.

All at the same time!

So smooth it feels like you’re drinking a milkshake.

Comes with no chalky or grainy texture. Blend it with water, milk, or any liquid of your choice to make your perfect protein drink. Rightly said - it is smooth, yet thick.

Tastes flavorful with just the right amount of sweetness.

Made with natural flavourings and ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, so that you can enjoy the taste of a rich and indulgent dessert without any of the guilt. Ah…What a life!

No bloating and no upset stomach.

Comes with added digestive enzymes that helps with quick protein release and stays super light on stomach. Feel fuller but never stuffed.

Clean and Substance Free.

Made from THE Highest Quality Ingredients.

Our Chief Formulation Officer speaks straight from the Xeela Fitness Labs to assure you about our ingredients.

Formulated from high quality hand-picked ingredients

Made in certified cGMP manufacturing facility in California

Each batch is tested by Banned Substance Control Group to ensure the final product is free of heavy metals and contamination


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