Ilya’s Summer Shred Challenge

Summer release

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Xeela Fitness HQ Drops Bombshell: Unveils Ilya’s Summer Shred Challenge to Help You Crush Your Summer Body Goals!

Xeela Fitness CEO Ilya Fedrowich is all set to launch an epic shred challenge that's taken social media by storm! Word has it that after witnessing the jaw-dropping transformations of his close friends, Ilya was inspired to help his fans achieve the same level of success. But here's the catch - there's more to this challenge than meets the eye. Want to know what it is? Keep reading…

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Get Ready for the beach body…

Don't let another summer pass you by without feeling confident in your own skin.

Ilya’s Shred guide brings you:

Detailed Workout breakdowns

Detailed Workout breakdowns

Detailed Workout breakdowns

Detailed Workout breakdowns

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Lose more. win grand.

Looking for an extra push to reach your fitness goals? Look no further! We've got the perfect incentive to help you stay motivated and accountable. We're offering cash prizes* for those who hit the gym hardest, shed the most fat, and show us their incredible transformation.

Ilya’s Shred guide brings you:

1st Place -  $10,000 dollars

2nd Prize - $1,000 dollars

3rd Price - A whole year supply of Clean Plant Protein (1 bag/ month)