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My overall experience with Xeela has been phenomenal, to say the less. Awesome product, awesome experience and awesome customer support.
Amy W (a Xeela customer) 118 reviews


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We are proud to bring you the best tasting and most effective plant-based protein on the market. Every batch is tested to guarantee our quality. Everyone can benefit from introducing plant-based protein into their daily diet and XEELA® is the path to do just that.

How To Use

Mix 1 scoop of Xeela Protein with 10 - 12oz of water or the beverage of your choice. Xeela Protein can be spoon stirred in a glass, mixed in a shaker bottle, or blended to create a smoothie. Consume 1-3 shakes throughout the day as needed to meet your protein intake needs.

Protein Supplement Facts
(Banana Split)

Protein Supplement Facts
(Chocolate Sundae)

Protein Supplement Facts
(Java Chip)

Protein Supplement Facts
(Peanut Butter Cup)

Protein Supplement Facts
(Peppermint Mocha)


1. How do I take XEELA® Clean Plant Protein? 

We recommend you take our Clean Plant Protein 1 to 3 times throughout the day, depending on your protein needs. Just mix 1 scoop with 10-12oz. of water or beverage of your choice (almond, coconut, oat, or cow's milk). You can stir it into a glass, mix it in a shaker, or blend it in a smoothie. The choice is yours!
2. How many servings are there in a single bag of Protein?

Each tub of XEELA® Clean Plant Protein contains 20 servings!

3. How much protein does XEELA® Clean Plant Protein contain?

Each serving of Clean Plant Protein contains 25g of plant protein (and yes, the protein is organic!). We source our protein from organic pea protein and organic brown rice protein. 

4. Does XEELA® Clean Plant Protein contain any BCAAs (Amino Acid)?

Yes! Each serving of Clean Plant Protein contains 1,000mg per serving. Our BCAA's are sourced from sunflowers making them 100% vegan friendly. 

5. Does it contain any sugar? 

Yes! Our Clean Plant Protein contains 1g of added sugar (less than 1/4 teaspoon) but it's not just any kind of sugar - it contains Coconut Sugar, a plant-based sweetener with some health benefits!

6. What is Coconut Sugar and how is it good for you? 

Coconut sugar retains many nutrients - mostly ironzinccalcium, and potassium. These nutrients can support the body in numerous ways. Coconut sugar also contains the soluble fiber inulin, which is linked to a lower risk of blood sugar spikes.  If you are looking for a natural, plant-based sweetener to keep your blood glucose and energy levels up, coconut sugar is the ideal choice.

7. What does it mean to be "Clean"? 

We are proud to call all of our products 'Clean' because we have taken it upon ourselves to go the extra mile to guarantee it. Every single batch we produced is sent, tested, approved, and verified by a third party completely independent of us. This organization is called the BSCG, or the Banned Substance Control Group. They are responsible to vetting and approving all 'Safe For Sport' supplements. This guarantees that our products are free from all banned substances, heavy metals, toxins, or any other excipient you definitely do not want to be putting into your body. Only a handful of supplement companies do this. We are proud to be one of the few who actually do. 

    Lactose Free

    Gluten Free

    100% Vegan

    Made in USA

    SMOOTH on tongue. FLAVOURFUL in taste. LIGHT on stomach.

    All at the same time!

    So smooth it feels like you’re drinking a milkshake.

    Comes with no chalky or grainy texture. Blend it with water, milk, or any liquid of your choice to make your perfect protein drink. Rightly said - it is smooth, yet thick.

    Tastes flavorful with just the right amount of sweetness.

    Made with natural flavourings and ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, so that you can enjoy the taste of a rich and indulgent dessert without any of the guilt. Ah…What a life!

    No bloating and no upset stomach.

    Comes with added digestive enzymes that helps with quick protein release and stays super light on stomach. Feel fuller but never stuffed.

    Clean and Substance Free.

    Made from THE Highest Quality Ingredients.

    Our Chief Formulation Officer speaks straight from the Xeela Fitness Labs to assure you about our ingredients.

    Formulated from high quality hand-picked ingredients

    Made in certified cGMP manufacturing facility in California

    Each batch is tested by Banned Substance Control Group to ensure the final product is free of heavy metals and contamination

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    Hollie H.
    United States United States

    My favorite

    My favorite protein powder!!! I can’t go a day without it.

    Steven F.
    United States United States

    This stuff is great

    Been taking it pretty consistently in the mornings, and it's hecking delicious.

    Anthony P.
    United States United States

    Best protein I’ve ever had

    Amazing, such a great tasting protein. Goes good with my over night oats as well.

    United States United States

    Legit best clean protein shake ever

    Honestly, the Banana split protein shake is the most delicious and cleanest protein shake I’ve ever had. I usually will get an upset stomach with other competitors even if it’s vegan, but this one leaves me feeling full and rejuvenated. I actually look forward to making this shake after my workout. I tried the Java flavor and really am not a fan as it is too coffee flavored (almost bitter) and also has sprinkles that stick to the bottom of your shaker bottle. Not a great taste so I had to reorder the Banana Split. Definitely my favorite go-to!

    Nick I.
    United States United States

    Lives up to the hype!

    Overall, it’s a solid tasting protein powder! I prefer it with milk over water, but I love that it doesn’t taste super chalky like most powders. Great job, Ilya and Zeela!

    Allison F.
    United States United States


    Got the peanut butter, favorite protein powder!

    Jake N.
    United States United States

    Best Plant-Based Protein on the Market

    I have had many protein powders and this is by far the best tasting and cleanest proteins I have had. Most other proteins have that chalky flavor, but not this one. With just a little water, it is super smooth. Secondly, the incredients are second to none. I definitely recommend this stuff to anyone as a dietary supplement or to use after working out.

    United States United States

    Banana Split

    Honestly best protein powder out there. Not only clean, but blends better than other vegan powders as well as higher # of grams of protein than others. And that’s not even mentioning how insanely better it tastes… Can’t imagine going back to any other brand

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    • Every Product Is BSCG Approved

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