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XEELA® Clean Pre Workout contains ingredients proven to increase fat burning during exercise while providing you with the strength and focus to squeeze out every last rep. Our precisely dosed formula will give you the pump you are looking for, and the energy to get through any workout. All with no crash!

    *contains 220mg of caffeine per serving

    How To Use

    Mix one scoop with 8-12oz of water and consume 20min before activity, resistance or cardiovascular training.

    Pre Workout Supplement Facts
    (Mango Candy)

    Pre Workout Supplement Facts
    (Blue Raspberry)

    Pre Workout Supplement Facts
    (Tropical Punch)

    Clean Pre Workout Supplement Facts in Tropical Punch

    Pre Workout Supplement Facts
    (Vanilla Iced Coffee)


    1. How do I take XEELA® Clean Pre Workout? 

    We recommend you take our Pre Workout 20 minutes before any activity, resistance, or cardiovascular training. Just mix one scoop with 8-12oz. of water and you're ready to go!
    2. How many servings are there in a single tub?

    Each tub of XEELA® Clean Pre Workout contains 20 servings!

    3. How much caffeine does XEELA® Clean Pre Workout contain?

    Each serving of Clean Pre Workout contains 220mg of caffeine. That is equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee! 

    4. Does XEELA® Clean Pre Workout contain any Creatine?

    Yes! Each serving of Clean Pre Workout contains your daily recommended amount of Creatine with 3,000mg per serving.

    5. Does it contain any sugar? 

    No! There is no sugar in our Clean Pre Workout. Our sweet flavor comes from zero calorie and zero sugar sweeteners, Monk Fruit Extract and sucralose.

    6. What does it mean to be "Clean"? 

    We are proud to call all of our products 'Clean' because we have taken it upon ourselves to go the extra mile to guarantee it. Every single batch we produced is sent, tested, approved, and verified by a third party completely independent of us. This organization is called the BSCG, or the Banned Substance Control Group. They are responsible to vetting and approving all 'Safe For Sport' supplements. This guarantees that our products are free from all banned substances, heavy metals, toxins, or any other excipient you definitely do not want to be putting into your body. Only a handful of supplement companies do this. We are proud to be one of the few who actually do. 
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      Randy R.
      United States United States

      First pre workout

      This product was my first ever pre workout that I’ve bought, taste good, and gives me a boost of energy at the gym. I will definitely try out other flavors In the future.

      Drew S.
      United States United States

      Pre workout

      Amazing product that I have used

      Briana B.
      United States United States


      I’ve never taken pre work out before and when I did for the first time , it was with Xeela. I was so exited for this launch and not just bc I’m a fan of Ilya. But bc I am trying to better my health and really get into fitness and as a consumer I can see the genuine concern and love for this product. I’ve noticed Ilyas transformation over the years and wow I see such an amazing difference, even tho I’ve always thought he was handsome (that’s besides the point lol) . Following his fitness journey I can tell he really cares and that was really encouraging when looking into this product. I felt SO energized, pumped and strong when taking this product. Basically like if I was on crack lmaoo. I felt Like I could run a marathon without getting tired and I hate running lol. Ilya, if you ever see this, thank you for creating a wonderful product. Tropical punch flavor is perfect and I’m excited to try more

      Deanna S.
      United States United States

      Absolutely recommend!

      I struggle with finding a clean healthy energy for my workouts while working night shift the past 5+ years. Feels preworkout has really helped me optimize my training sessions and cardio for runs no matter what the time. I’ll definitely be ordering more.

      Madeleine M.
      United States United States


      I really love this preworkout! It makes me feel good and tastes very good and I do not get that awful crash after taking it. Will buy again and try other products!!!

      Teresa V.
      United States United States


      I don’t get itchy and it actually taste good for a pre workout. Definitely my favorite

      Lexi L.
      United States United States

      Best Pre-Workout Ever!

      I have been using the pre workout everyday even if I don’t workout that day! It gives me the best energy and doesn’t make me feel bad after it wears off. Definitely a forever customer!

      Kevin A.
      United States United States

      Big fan

      Great feeling I have when take it helps me push to the next level

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