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  • Wayyy Underrated

    Not only does it not make you shaky, jittery, or uneasy (especially in your stomach like other preworkouts), it’s so so effective for steady energy throughout ur workout and AGAIN unlike others who claim to have no crash afterwards, there LITERALLY is no crash afterwards— all stable and strong throughout. Xeela does it best

    Steven F.

    Verified Buyer


  • Legit best clean protein shake ever

    Honestly, the Banana split protein shake is the most delicious and cleanest protein shake I’ve ever had. I usually will get an upset stomach with other competitors even if it’s vegan, but this one leaves me feeling full and rejuvenated. I actually look forward to making this shake after my workout. I tried the Java flavor and really am not a fan as it is too coffee flavored (almost bitter) and also has sprinkles that stick to the bottom of your shaker bottle. Not a great taste so I had to reorder the Banana Split. Definitely my favorite go-to!


    Verified Buyer

    CLEAN PLANT PROTEIN · Banana Split

  • Pre Workout

    Best pre workout I have ever use your product helped me lost my first 30lb and I’m going to keep buying it even after I hit my goal of 200lb I was 270lb I’m at 240lb right now I haven’t been 200lb since I was 10 years old thank you for this product this is helping me better then any other product. Thank you very much.

    Matthew A

    Verified Buyer