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Ilya’s Shred guide brings you:

A full 3 month workout plan designed to help you lose fat and build muscle

Full recipes on how to curate healthy meals and optimize protein intake

A discord group with access to XEELA’s trainers to assist you while on your journey

A mental and lifestyle change you’ve never experienced before

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- Videos in the guide simplify the complexity of learning safe, effective exercise techniques.
- Provides multiple recipes for healthy, easy-to-make meals.
- Provides daily workout structure to keep you on track and optimize results.






Ilya’s Bundle brings you:

x1 Ilya’s Shred Guide(PDF)

x1 Clean Plant Protein

x1 Clean Pre workout

x1 Clean ACV

x1 Premium Shaker Bottle

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Clean Plant Protein

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Clean Pre Workout

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You will receive an email after the purchase to download the guide

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XEELA Fitness is releasing a 3-Month Shred guide led by XEELA Fitness Trainer, Ilya Fedorovich. This fitness guide will help you adapt into the lifestyle change you’ve always wanted, getting you on the right track and staying consistent in the gym.

Don't let another year come to an end without feeling confident in your own skin.

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